Are You Using These Online Miracle Cures? Then Stop!

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Are You Using These Online Miracle Cures? Then Stop!

By Dr. Corey Hartman

Nowadays, everybody’s an expert, selling the latest cure for any and everything online. Unfortunately, I see patients all the time that have fallen victim to these false claims despite going against their best judgement. From using random food products as facial cleansers to performing facial exercise routines in hopes of getting rid of wrinkles; I’ve seen it all.

While the majority of these claims aren’t supported by research, there are some that are downright contradictory to everything medical professionals know to be true.

Below are some of the latest miracle cures you’ll find online, plus, why they WON’T work:  

Coconut oil won’t cure acne.  It’s the latest craze, and it’s also the reason everyone has acne! Coconut oil can be a decent moisturizer for the body, but there is no reason it should ever be used as a facial cleanser. Applying any type of oil to the face is going to clog pores and make acne worse. That’s all there is to it.

Lemon juice won’t treat facial discoloration. Where this notion came from, I have no idea. Maybe because some people use lemon juice to lighten their hair in the summer. The truth is that lemons and limes are actually in a class of plants that cause Phytophotodermatitis, a chemical reaction that makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re on the beach in Hawaii, and you accidently drip lemon or lime juice on your hand while you’re in the sun. That juice is going to turn your hand brown and darken your skin, making it anything but a solution for facial discoloration.

Collagen, when ingested orally, won’t repair skin. I’ve heard it all. Collagen drink mixes, powders, and pills, all claiming to help reduce signs of aging. The reality is that, aside from being applied with the right product and driven deeper into the dermis, there’s no way to get collagen into your skin except to inject it. Consumers should know that drinking collagen isn’t ever going to give them skin repair results.

Biotin won’t make your hair grow.  The rate our hair grows is predetermined by genetics, just like our eye color. It’s not something we can change. I’ve had patients take incredible amounts of biotin in hopes of growing hair down to their back in a matter of months. While it’s possible to strengthen nails with a small addition of biotin, it’s not going to make your hair grow any faster.

Facial exercises won’t rid wrinkles. Let me repeat. Facial exercises don’t cure wrinkles. In fact, they promote wrinkles! You have people selling facial exercise routines online, and it’s a complete hoax! Along with other factors, people get wrinkles because they’re too expressive, which is why it doesn’t make sense to do facial exercises to get rid of them.

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