Demi Moore, 58, breaks her silence on THAT Fendi runway appearance calling it ‘special and magical’ – but fails to address plastic surgery rumors sparked by her ‘unrecognizable’ face

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Demi Moore has finally spoken out about her now-infamous turn on the Fendi runway last week – however the 58-year-old failed to discuss the viral reaction to her ‘unrecognizable’ appearance, or speculation that she had undergone plastic surgery ahead of the show.

The actress and mother-of-three stunned spectators when she stepped onto the catwalk at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, where she showed off a dramatic transformation that left many questioning whether she’d had cosmetic work to alter her face.

In the days since the show, Demi has remained silent about the fierce speculation – and she remained mum about the plastic surgery rumors and her ‘unrecognizable’ face during a new interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, although she did briefly address her appearance, describing it as ‘special’ and ‘very magical’.

‘I took a moment where I thought, “Oh my God, I literally just walked a runway show with some of the biggest models ever.” For me, I literally felt like a little kid.’

The Striptease star, who sat down in-person with fellow Fendi model Naomi in Paris shortly after the show, went on to gush about the ‘very special’ catwalk event, which was hosted without an audience and saw its stars walking down the runway before posing in acrylic boxes.

‘It was a very special show,’ she continued. ‘Even though there was no audience, it felt like there was an audience to me, there was no difference to me. I think also because of the way the set was built, everyone having their own individual boxes, you won’t have seen the audience anyway.

‘It felt special for me because it felt less that it was entirely about the clothes but it was more about the full story. It felt very magical.’

While the catwalk show was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Demi, the actress’s appearance on the runway struck a chord with spectators for a very reason.

Mere minutes after she made her debut, social media was flooded with questions about her face – with many asking why she looked so different, with dozens suggesting that her transformation may well have come as the result of plastic surgery.

Several cosmetic experts agreed with the claims, with board certified dermatologist Dr. Corey L Hartman, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Alabama, telling that it appeared as though Demi had undergone more than one procedure to alter her face.

Noting that he ‘did not treat Demi personally’, Dr. Hartman disagreed with suggestions that the actress’s drastic transformation was done with makeup alone, stating: ‘While a lot of this look may be attributed to makeup and lighting, it also appears that perhaps she has had too much fat removed from her buccal fat pads.

‘This appears to have caused dermal filler in the cheek to appear too augmented resulting in this dramatically different appearance.’

Four other doctors told OK Magazine that Demi’s appearance could have been down to her having ‘gone overboard with injectable fillers.’

Plastic surgeon Ryan Neinstein, who doesn’t treat Demi said: Moore was sucking in her cheeks.

‘Many young women seek high cheekbones, hollow cheeks and a cross-cheek shadow, which is a popular look on social media and often duplicated with makeup.