How to Earn Skin Care Discounts and Freebies

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How to Earn Skin Care Discounts and Freebies graphic

 When you fly regularly with a particular airline, you expect to earn free miles for future flights. But did you know that when you purchase skin care treatments and procedures, you also can earn points toward future procedures?

Brilliant Distinctions is a loyalty program operated by Allergan, the company behind skin care treatments such as Botox, Voluma, Latisse, SkinMedica, Kybella and Volbella. Since 2007, customers who purchase Allergan’s products and treatments have been able to join the program to earn points toward future purchases. For every 100 points earned, members receive a $10 coupon toward a future product or treatment purchase.

For instance, members receive 200 points for each Botox Cosmetic treatment, 200 points per syringe of Juvederm XC treatment, 400 points for each Kybella treatment, and 150 points for a 5 mL kit of Latisse. See a full list of products and treatments and the points awarded for each.

After you register for the Brilliant Distinctions program online, you’ll earn points every time you purchase a qualifying treatment or product from Skin Wellness Center of Alabama. And it’s easy to redeem those points: You simply log into your Brilliant Distinctions account on the iPad provided at checkout in our office, and you’re on your way to earning future freebies.

In addition to earning points in our office, you’ll also earn points every time you shop at the Brilliant Distinctions mall, which includes a selection of popular retailers offering apparel, home décor and electronics. And with every purchase you make, you’ll earn points toward future skin care treatments, products and procedures.

Loyalty always pays. And with Brilliant Distinctions, your loyalty can help you care for your aesthetic needs. For more information about Brilliant Distinctions or how to earn or redeem points, please call our office at 205-871-7332.