See how Skin Wellness will upgrade your skincare routine

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If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve probably seen that skincare is the new makeup. Now it’s time to step up your skincare (and selfcare) game with Skin Wellness and Dr. Corey Hartman, MD.

What is Skin Wellness?

Skin Wellness offers cutting-edge dermatological solutions for a wide variety of skin needs and conditions. With three MDs, two CNRPs, and four aestheticians, Skin Wellness is able to treat most skin concerns from acne to eczema to skin cancer, and they also offer surgery and injections.

Skin Wellness aims to give each patient a customized experience that suits their individual needs. Dr. Hartman and his team want each guest to not only leave properly treated, but more confident and relaxed than when they arrived.

“My goal is for everyone that comes in to leave feeling better about themselves than they came in. And we know that that is part of that experience is the treatments but it’s also in the interaction with the staff and the recommendations that they get from us and how they feel when they bring their family members in and recommend other people. So a holistic approach is really what we want to take.

Dr. Corey Hartman, MD

What is Luxe

Luxe is an new offering from Skin Wellness. This membership program allows you to gain exclusive access to your favorite Skin Wellness products and procedures. With several levels of membership available, you can pick the Luxe experience that best fits your skincare needs.

As a bonus, when you join Luxe you get a free consultation with an aesthetician to help identify your skincare needs. The membership program promotes consistent treatment to make real changes to your skin.

“I like to say that one is a treat, and three is a treatment. When you get one chemical peel, you might see a little something, but you don’t really understand the value of all the full capabilities that you can get out of these treatments until you do something consistently.”

Dr. Corey Hartman, MD

Caring for the community

A New Orleans native, Dr. Hartman came to Birmingham on a whim, applying last-minute to a program at UAB after finishing medical school in Nashville. After studying here for a couple years, Dr. Hartman was sold and has been in the area ever since. He brings his dedication to the Birmingham area to his work.

“We were the first dermatology practice in Homewood and community. I live in Homewood, I work in Homewood, my kids go to school in Homewood. So I live in Homewood, but our reach is felt, not only across Birmingham, but across the state.”

Dr. Corey Hartman, MD

Total relaxation

The new Skin Wellness location in Homewood is designed to be a calming, relaxing space to provide patients with the best experience possible during their visit. The new building, located on Highway 31 in Homewood, is spacious and takes its design inspiration from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

The extra room comes in handy as Skin Wellness expands to include clinical trials and other new treatment options to optimize patient care.

“The building’s design was inspired by a trip that I planned to take last year to Iceland. the design inspiration was the Blue Lagoon. We wanted to create an oasis for our patients that was peaceful, in calming yet modern way.”

Dr. Corey Hartman, MD