These Face Oils Take Hydration to the Next Level

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If you want skin that hits like Madonna’s Ray of Light, finding the best face oil is the key. From unlocking a luminous complexion to sealing in essential moisture, this beauty staple delivers. But before we delve into the best facial oils on the market right now, let’s get some of the most frequently asked questions out of the way. First and foremost: Do you actually need it?

One thing for certain is that incorporating face oil into your routine can help your skin reap the benefits of all the hydrating serums and lotions used prior, or serve as a stand-in if lotion feels too heavy on the skin. “For those seeking alternative methods of moisturizing, face oil not only moisturizes the skin, but also helps to soothe irritation,” says dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD. “It can also also have antioxidant effects depending upon the active ingredients, and help to control bacteria and calm inflammation.”

Another concern for those who are hesitant is the belief that instead of surfacing an eye-catching glow, the result will be extremely oily or breakout-prone skin. While everyone can use a face oil, Hartman does caution those who are acne prone to triple check they are selecting an oil that has been cleared as non-comedogenic before they apply. “Some of the more popular oils that don’t clog pores are rosehip oil, jojoba oil and argan oil. They can be safely used by just about any skin type without fear of causing breakouts.”

After you’ve determined which oils are safe to apply to your skin, the next step is looking for active ingredients—or the ingredients that are proven to address the concerns the product is used to target. “Another benefit of face oils is the increased absorption of the active ingredients,” says Hartman, who singles out skin-soothing antioxidants like vitamin A, E, and B3 (also known as niacinamide) as some of the most effective.

With more innovative formulas on the market, finding the best face oil for your skin type is now a lot easier. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, from rich oils packed with fatty acids that are great for moisturizing dehydrated skin and calming flare-ups to dry oils that reduce the appearance of post-acne scarring.

Sudtana Sacha Inchi, Ginger & Tumeric Repairing Oil

Sacha inchi is a plant rich in fiber and fatty acids like Omega 3, making it great for improving the skin barrier and strengthening its elasticity. Thai farm-to-face brand Sudtana has fused the oil with ginger and turmeric to create a repairing treatment that will leave your skin plumper and brighter while stimulating blood flow along with the senses. While this oil can be applied twice a day, those who prefer lighter layers in the morning can apply this dense oil in the evening to wake up looking refreshed.

Isdi Melatonik Overnight Recovery Serum

From reducing UV-damage to getting a head start on wrinkle reduction, antioxidants truly do it all. Favorites include niancinamide, which is quickly becoming the base of most skin care thanks to its anti-inflammatory and skin-brightening benefits, and vitamin C, the reigning champ against the effects of the sun. This oil-in-serum by Isdin features the aforementioned ingredient along with bakuchiol—great for increasing collagen production—which is why Hartman is a fan.

Cocokind Chia Facial Oil

If your skin runs dry, this nourishing Chia facial oil by Cocokind should be on your radar stat. Chia seed oil is rich in Omega fatty acids and incredibly soothing to the skin. It can be comedogenic for oily skin, but if your skin is prone to rough patches and struggles with retaining moisture no matter how many rich creams you lather up on, this oil could help seal in every last drop..

Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil

While a bowl of maqui, prickly pear and acai sounds delicious, this superfruit blend has multiple benefits when applied topically to the skin. Acai is great for speeding up collagen production while prickly pear helps reduce redness. YTTP’s Dream Oil has been a favorite since it launched, which isn’t surprising how quickly this mid-weight dry oil sinks into the skin, delivering a glow that feels just as good as it looks on the outside.

The Ordinary Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

100% organic rosa canina seed oil bottled, The Ordinary’s rosehip oil is a great way to achieve hydrated skin with an easy-to-understand ingredient list of one. If you have particularly sensitive skin, the type that reacts on contact, this one will allow you to hone in on the benefits of an oil minus the surprise flare-ups that can come from having too many cooks in the kitchen.