Top 3 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Skin Care Membership

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Skincare memberships have grown increasingly popular as of late, maybe making you wonder if you’d actually benefit from having one. You know – for an annual fee, you get discounts on services and products and get to be “in the know” about what’s new in the marketplace.  

This is exactly what makes a skin care membership so beneficial. With a membership, you know you’re going to provide your skin with the care it needs each and every month. Even better, you’ll save money on the products and services that you love the most! 

Top 3 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Skin Care Membership

Reason #1:  Save money on skincare services you can’t resist.  

Of course, probably the biggest advantage is the cost-savings when it comes to services. Who needs just ONE facial, ONE peel, ONE laser treatment, ONE set of Botox injections? Absolutely no one. Just about every cosmetic service requires a series of treatments and often maintenance treatments after that. With a membership, you can get a huge discount on the services you love and continue to see and even maximize the incredible results you get from those treatments. 

Many practices will even include some of their most popular services to ensure patients can get their favorite treatments on a regular basis while also keeping some cash in their pockets. For instance, at Skin Wellness Center, two of three levels of our Luxe Membership include the HydraFacial. Why? Because we have countless patients who absolutely love incorporating this service into their monthly skincare routine.

Reason #2: Save on skincare products. 

Products are obviously an essential part of skin care. From our daily facewash to our nightly serums, having quality skin care products are an absolute must for healthy skin and a radiant complexion. With a membership, many dermatologists will offer anywhere from 15% to 25% off of products, and that’s some pretty hefty savings on products you’re going to be purchasing anyway! 

Reason #3: Once you get the look you want, KEEP the look you want. 

We all know keeping our skin healthy and young requires ongoing maintenance. No one treatment is going to give you the results you want forever, and dermatologists want to make it more affordable for you to start and continue an effective skin care regimen as early as possible. This way, you can enjoy long-term results and not require more invasive procedures down the road. 

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Taking great care of your skin on a regular basis is something no one will ever regret, and the earlier you start, the better the results. A skin care membership offers the long-term support your skin needs to be healthy and vibrant for years to come so be sure to ask your dermatologist what they have to offer you today!

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