The Various Uses of Electrosurgery in our Birmingham Dermatology Dermatology

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At Skin Wellness Dermatology, it is our intent to provide the most effective treatments available today. Whether we are correcting or managing issues such as acne or warts, or improving the tone and texture of the skin, we provide care with the result in mind. One way in which we maintain a standard of excellence is to include cutting-edge technology into treatments when appropriate.

We are happy to use electrosurgery as a part of our Birmingham skin wellness treatment when appropriate. Electrosurgery is not a specific procedure. This device is used in a variety of procedures in which incisions may otherwise be made. These procedures are performed after local anesthetic has been administered and the patient is comfortable. Electrosurgery cuts down on post-surgical discomfort, bleeding, scarring, and other complications, making it an ideal inclusion for our patients.

A variety of dermatological procedures benefit from electrosurgery, such as:

  • Skin lesion removal allows the dermatologist to remove and cauterize lesions quickly, destroying foreign cells that may exist on the skin. The alternative is curettage, in which lesions are scraped and sent to a lab for pathology testing. Types of skin lesions that are commonly removed with electrosurgery include warts, skin tags, Squamous cell carcinomas in situ, meaning that cells remain on the epidermis only, not in the dermis. Electrosurgery may also be used to remove non-cancerous moles, basal cell carcinomas under 0.2 inches in diameter, and other lesions.
  • Pyogenic granulomas and hemangiomas are both ideally removed with electrosurgery because these lesions have a high tendency to bleed. Electrosurgery, by shaving off and electrocoagulating tissues quickly, minimizes bleeding. Often, this procedure can completely inhibit bleeding.
  • Some types of acne can be successfully treated with electrosurgery. Comedonal acne, for instance, in which the chin and forehead areas are primarily affected with whiteheads and blackheads, may respond well to electrosurgery if other treatment options have failed to produce satisfactory results.

Electrosurgery sounds high-tech, but our approach remains high-touch. Our patients quickly realize the advantages of this cutting-edge technology that minimizes procedure time and bleeding, decreases the appearance or development of scarring after surgery, and promotes rapid healing.

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