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Introducing Acorn. Personalized Regenerative Medicine. The first non-invasive solution to leverage your own preserved stem cells for personalized regenerative medicine.

Acorn unlocks the potential for:

  • Hair regrowth
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Injury recovery
  • Disease treatment

The ideal cell source for:

The hair follicle is a multi-germ cell source that can be collected non-invasively, replenishes naturally and features a diversity of valuable tissues and stem cells.

Average number of hairs on the head – 100k
Follicles needed for Acorn cell preservation collection – 50

Save your best cells from aging now

To schedule a treatment for Acorn cell cryopreservation, request an appointment at Skin Wellness Dermatology.

Acorn’s goal is to prepare the world for the future of personalized regenerative medicine, where the power of our own cells can be used to heal our bodies — and to do this successfully, it’s important to engage with the science that will enable this exciting future. Acorn is weaving decades of cell-based research to build a science-backed foundation.

The Approach

Personalized regenerative medicine is a new approach to healing our bodies, empowered by a collaboration of cryopreservation, bioengineering, and stem cell science. These areas have demonstrated the immense power of our cells and the profound benefits cell-based treatments can provide to people. Acorn is proud to be building on this scientific foundation, and excited to unlock even more of its potential.

Building a platform for Personalized Regenerative Medicine

Studies show our cells have the potential to rejuvenate tissues, support injury recovery, fight disease and more. This is possible due to our cells abilities to outgrow, differentiate and reprogram to serve a variety of functions. Unfortunately, as we age, we see diminished levels of cell function and diversity, in addition to to the accumulation of DNA damage and mutations. Cryogenically freezing cells allows us to retain a younger autologous cell population that can avoid additional effects of aging and provide a better starting material for regenerative medicine therapies.

Advancing the science and applications of follicle cells

Acorn considers the hair follicle as an ideal cell source due to its small size, rich cell diversity, and the ability to harvest it non-invasively at any age. We are actively exploring its new applications and have validated it as an ideal cell banking resource. We’ve been able to outgrow millions of cells from a single follicle, differentiate them into multiple cell types, and even create induced pluripotent stem cells that can become any cell in the body.

How it works
  1. A collection appointment is set up at Skin Wellness, where we non-invasively pluck 50 healthy follicles from the back and sides of the head and send the collection to the Acorn lab.
  2. Your cells are processed, analyzed for viability, separated into multiple vials and then slowly cryogenically stored at -196° Celsius to stop the effects of aging.
  3. Your younger cells cells remain safely frozen and ready to access for upcoming regenerative cell-based treatments.

By preserving your stem cells, you gain access to a multitude of benefits that can positively impact your skin, hair, and overall health and have the potential to combat various diseases setting the stage for a healthier and more vibrant future.

Are you a candidate to bank your cells?

18 – 34 (ideal time)

35-50 (get ahead of the problem)

35-50 (get ahead of the problem)

How stem cells and regenerative medicine work for treatments:
repair and rejuvenating existing tissues in the body
  • Taking cells and tissues already in our body and helping perform better through the use of stem cell derived serums
  • Skin rejuvenation, hair rejuvenation
  • (long term) Replenish and replace malfunctioning/damaged/aged cells and tissues.
  • Adding new cells and tissues back into our bodies
Therapies that will be available to use your stored cells in the future:
  • Skin – Preserved cells can aid in skin rejuvenation, addressing signs of aging.
  • Hair – Stored cells can offer solutions for hair loss or promoting hair regrowth, contributing to hair health.
  • Disease intervention – Stem cells can be vital in treating a wide spectrum of diseases, offering options for personalized therapies.
  • Aging – Access to younger cells helps combat age-related tissue degeneration, offering a chance for improved health and vitality.