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NeoDerm by Aerolase®

NeoDerm by Aerolase® takes skin rejuvenation and tightening to new levels with a comprehensive treatment that addresses tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, laxity, and other unwanted skin conditions in a single treatment with a single device. NeoDerm uses 650 Microsecond Technology® to safely, effectively, and tolerably renew the skin’s natural, youthful glow. It offers patients of all ages and skin types comprehensive results that previously would have required multiple devices or therapies to achieve.

The treatment is customized to your skin’s specific concerns, so whether you simply want to keep your skin glowing and prevent signs of aging or you have specific concerns you would like to address, NeoDerm can be tailored to you.

What can NeoDerm treat?

  • Rosacea
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Razor Bumps)
  • Acne & acne scars
  • Appearance of sun damage & age spots
  • Melasma & hyperpigmentation
NeoDerm device benefits
  • Comfortable, without numbing, cooling or pain
  • All Skin Types, All Ages
  • Can be combined with other therapies including topical and oral medications
  • Treats Fitzpatrick 1-6 and tanned skin
  • Overall Improvement of the Quality of Your Skin
  • Quick Treatment
  • No Downtime or Prolonged Redness
  • FDA cleared for other aesthetic and medical conditions

As skin ages there can be many changes that occur. Skin quality can worsen with enlarged pores, texture, and lax skin. Unwanted conditions such as redness, veins, sun damage, and age spots may become prevalent. NeoSkin is an aesthetic medical laser that enables a comprehensive treatment addressing the tone texture, redness, pigmentation and laxity, of the skin in a single treatment with a single device. Whether you are looking to restore your clear, youthful skin or prevent signs of aging, NeoSkin can help achieve your skin goals!

How does neo treat rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic disorder that is characterized by facial flushing and with time the gradual development of persistent facial redness and spider-like blood vessels. It is often punctuated by episodes of inflammatory papules (bumps), pustules (pimples), and swelling. The Aerolase Neo effectively addresses these conditions with deep-penetrating energy that suppresses the inflammation causing the redness. It also coagulates the unwanted veins and broken capillaries, which are then gradually cleared by the body’s natural immune response.

How does neo treat razor bumps?

PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, i.e. ingrown hairs, razor bumps or beard bumps) is an irritating condition that is commonly caused by shaving. It often appears in patients of darker skin types, including tanned skin and skin types IV through VI. The laser selectively targets melanin in the underlying hair and follicle, as well as hyperpigmentation surrounding the lesion. Due to LightPod lasers’ unique 650-microsecond pulse duration being 50 to 500 times shorter than pulses durations typically used for hair removal by other laser technologies, the energy passes through the skin quickly and does not overheat the epidermal melanin to effectively treat the condition.

How does neo treat acne & scarring?

NeoClear is a powerful acne treatment that eliminates the major factors causing acne including excess sebum production, inflammation, and the p. acnes bacteria. Previously, many different treatments, medications, or skin care options were required to address these factors, but NeoClear can achieve this with a single device.

How does neo treat Melasma & Hyperpigmentation?

Melasma and Hyperpigmentation are multi-factorial conditions that involve the epidermal melanin, dermal melanin, and vasculature, often requiring a complex treatment regimen to achieve clearance and prevent recurrence. The Neo, however, can help patients achieve clearance with fewer treatments.