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Cyspera Intensive™



Cyspera Intensive™ formulated with a Cysteamine Isobionic-Amide Complex™ that delivers a powerful antioxidant activity to improve the appearance of persistent brown patches and dark spots.


  • Patent-pending Cysteamine – Isobionic-amide Complex™: a revolutionary synergistic combination that targets, corrects and prevents all types of pigmentation, including the most stubborn brown patches and dark spots.
  • Helps skin appear visibly smoother and more luminous over time
  • Effective on all skin types
  • Hydroquinone-free and safe for continued, long-term use
  • Non-phototoxic, well tolerated and safe to use during the summer
  • Non comedogenic
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients, cruelty-free & not tested on animals.


Protocol: Short contact application of 15 minutes, once a day, either on the morning or in the evening.

Cyspera® Morning Routine:

Do not wash the skin before application: Unwashed skin has a natural hydrophilic film which helps prevent any irritation.

1.Apply one pump of Cyspera® to the entire desired area (do not spot treat) and leave on for 15 minutes.

If you have sensitive skin or if you are a Cyspera beginner, start with 5 min application for a couple of weeks and gradually increase the duration of application to 15min (without exceeding 15 min).

2. Remove by washing the area with a gentle cleanser. Gently pat the area dry.

3. Apply moisturizer; maintain skin hydration during the day.

Apply daily a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)

Avoid the use of retinol, AHA or prescription creams.

Try our new NEW Cyspera Boost™ as a replacement of your moisturizer to increase the luminosity of your skin and enhance the brightening results of Cyspera Intensive™

Cyspera® Evening Routine:

If you need to remove make-up or have a specific need to wash your skin, wait at least 1 hour before applying Cyspera Intensive™ and follow the above steps.

Intensive phase: Every day, once per day, for 15 minutes.

Maintenance phase: After 16 weeks of application, Cyspera Intensive™ is recommended to be used twice a week once per day, for 15 minutes.