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Nutrafol Postpartum (3 Month Supply)


Category: Brand: Nutrafol


A daily hair growth supplement for postpartum women in the first year after giving birth or breastfeeding. OBGYN-developed and breastfeeding-friendly, our formula supports whole-body recovery through vital replenishment with ingredients like Theanine and Shatavari, DHA Omega-3s and Tocotrienol Complex, and Marine Collagen with Nettle and Apple. We target key root causes of postpartum thinning—physical and emotional stress, hormonal changes, and nutrient depletion—so that, with consistent daily use, you’ll start to see thicker, fuller hair and less overall shedding.

Once daily, and with a meal, take 4 capsules of your Nutraceutical—an efficacious serving that contributes to visible results in 3-6 months. Tear open the refill pouch and pour the contents into the reusable jar once empty.

Visibly thicker volume
Visibly less shedding
Hair that grows faster, stronger, and longer
Women also reported:
Visibly thicker lashes and brows

Reduced feelings of stress and supported sleep quality

Formulated Without:
Gluten, dairy, soy, hormones, drugs, and artificial additives. Non-GMO. All formulas are organic and free of common allergens including shellfish.