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Nutrafol Strand Defender Conditioner


Categories: , Brand: Nutrafol


A lightweight, physician-formulated conditioner to strengthen hair and defend against damage. Clinically shown to replenish moisture and improve elasticity so thinning hair stays strong, smooth, and healthy.

  • Defends hair against damage
  • Replenishes hair elasticity and moisture
  • Strengthens for improved hair health

Hair is not alive, and therefore existing damage cannot be reversed. Other conditioners use silicones and oils to conceal damage caused by factors such as color-treating, heat-styling, and wet-brushing—instead of actually protecting your hair.

Our lightweight, silicone-free conditioner provides multi-layer protection to strengthen hair and defend against damage. The result is hair that remains healthy, strong, and moisturized without being weighed down.

After shampooing, apply a dollop of conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. Leave for at least 2 minutes and rinse.