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Nutrafol Root Purifier Shampoo


Categories: , Brand: Nutrafol


A physician-formulated, hydrating shampoo that visibly improves hair volume, strength, and texture in 2 weeks. Made with natural ingredients that deeply cleanse thinning hair without stripping the scalp.

  • Balances oil production without stripping the scalp
  • Hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair
  • Visibly improves volume, strength, and texture of hair
  • Promotes a healthy scalp for improved hair quality

Over-washing your hair with harsh shampoos strips the scalp, making it vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Under-washing, dry shampoo, and product build-up can also clog the scalp’s pores and lead to a poor environment for natural hair growth.

Our sulfate-free shampoo is infused with natural ingredients. This formula is clinically shown to deeply cleanse, removing excess oil without stripping the scalp so that you can cleanse regularly and avoid scalp clogging product build-up. The result: visibly thicker, stronger hair.

Pair with Strand Defender Conditioner for best results. Apply a dollop to fingertips and massage into the scalp. Rinse with water and repeat as needed. Gentle enough for daily use.