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4 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin During Your Workouts

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Paying attention to your skin during a workout is important but often goes overlooked. Truth is, the gym is a place crawling with moisture and warm, wet places for bacteria to breed. If you don’t take care of your skin immediately after working out, you could be prone to acne, staph infection, and other unwanted skin problems.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your skin looks just as good as your body feels after a good exercise session.

1. Take off makeup and tie hair back before working out

Makeup + sweat on your face can actually cause breakouts. This is due to excess oil building up in your pores. Your skin breathes naturally, but makeup can block up its ability to do so. Try bringing wet wipes or cleansing towelettes for your face to clean it before your workout. Your hair can also accumulate a lot of grease, so do your skin a favor by pulling it away from your face during your workout.

Use Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes to clean your skin before your workout. 

2. Wipe off exercise equipment

Make sure you bring a small towel to place over the machines before using them. The bacteria from other users can make its way from the machines onto your skin and cause a host of skin issues. It’s also a good idea to have antibacterial wipes on hand to help keep yourself free from contact with other people’s sweat and grime.

Use Fullbore Fitness Towel during your workout to wipe down equipment prior to use. 

3. Dry off and wash your face immediately following your workout

As soon as you finish working out, change out of your sweaty clothes and wash your face, hands, arms, and other exposed areas before heading home. Acne can start to form if you let bacteria build up in your pores. To avoid excess sweating, try dri-fit or moisture-wicking clothing. These are specifically made to wick moisture away from the body, while being light and airy. They also help to protect against chafing and sores due to sweaty material rubbing your skin.

Skin Wellness Clarifying Pads are an easy, on the go solution to cleanse post workout.

4. Stay moisturized

In your effort to maintain healthy skin, don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized post-workout. Try a natural substance such as virgin coconut oil, applied all over your body after a bath. This will ensure your skin locks in necessary moisture while also staying radiant.

SkinCeuticals Daily Mouisture is not only great to moisturize with after your workout but it adds a shimmery, glow to a makeup free face.

Complete wellness ultimately begins on the inside. Remembering the above tips as you exercise will ensure that your skin is as clean as possible, every day.