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Are You Losing Your Hair?

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Everyone loses 50 to 100 hairs per day—but some of us are losing way more than that. While hair loss is somewhat expected for men as they grow older, it’s also quite common in women, according to the American Academy for Dermatology. And the causes are varied: Genetics, aging, hormones, stressful events, nutrition and certain medications or diseases can contribute to hair loss.

While some people are comfortable with baldness, most people prefer to keep some hair on their heads. But the good news is that just because you experience hair loss doesn’t mean anybody has to know about it. Dermatologists can often help you determine the cause of your hair loss and help you develop a solution to reverse the condition and help you grow hair again.

The actions you and your doctor should take depend on what’s causing your hair loss. For instance, if you’ve recently had a baby or gone through another physically stressful situation, your hair may begin to regrow on its own if you give it time. But if your hair loss is related to hormonal changes or a hereditary condition, you may want to try a hair growth treatment.

At Skin Wellness Center of Alabama, we offer platelet-Rich plasma therapy (PRP) to help our patients naturally regrow hair. This non-surgical procedure takes some of the plasma from your own blood and injects it into your scalp. There, your blood cells’ growth factors get busy, naturally stimulating new hair growth. Because the plasma in your blood includes essential growth proteins, it offers an effective treatment for hair growth.

As a completely natural treatment, PRP therapy requires only a topical anesthetic. Patients can usually undergo the treatment and then return immediately to the activities of their day. Some people need more than one treatment to obtain desired results, but when treatments are completed, they report fuller healthier looking hair.

If you’re suffering from hair loss and want to discuss your options, please call our office at 205.871.7332.