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Brotox: Why Botox Isn’t Just for Women

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By: Dr. Corey Hartman, Skin Wellness Dermatology

Botox has been the go-to, cosmetic procedure for decades aimed towards patients looking to get rid of their facial wrinkles. Assumptions aside, this treatment isn’t exclusively ordered by those seeking a boost in vanity. When people think “Botox” I’m sure a lot of them are imagining some geriatric B-list celebrity who looks like they overdosed on syringes. However, for others, it’s simply a preventative measure to decrease the appearance of fine lines. Botox has been notoriously associated with female patients, but it seems the tables are turning. More males are now considering jumping on the “Brotox” train for many of the same reasons women have.

Brotox, not to be confused with Botox

The line between gender and trendy, cosmetic treatments is definitely becoming increasingly blurred. Men are coming in more and more, asking about how to stop the aging process, because all of a sudden, they’re starting to see changes that they haven’t noticed before. Unfortunately, society tells us that it’s okay for a man to have some lines and imperfections, but that it’s unacceptable in women. However, the stigma of asking about cosmetic procedures and coming in for appointments is no longer there. I’m beginning to treat men from all different backgrounds, from the tired, new dads to couples booking appointments to get fillers together. 

Trust me, he cares

Implementing a skincare routine isn’t just a feminine idea to think about. It’s natural to want to feel handsome, and it’s something that men really do care about. I think the fact that I am a man and am open about doing all of these things, helps them too. It shows men that it’s not that weird or different, but that it’s on its way to going mainstream. 

Brotox has been a trend that has picked up a lot of speed within the past 20 years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 450,000 men had Botox or similar injections last year, and the numbers are quickly rising. Over the past two decades, the number of men receiving Botox injections has risen by nearly 381 percent! 

Battle of the Sexes

Cosmetic procedures have been notoriously linked to women looking to get nipped and tucked in order to keep up with the Joneses. With Botox, it’s not much different. A lot of women start off conservatively, but will come in one day and say, “Just make them all go away, I don’t care if I don’t move.” 

A man will never say that. Men are not necessarily looking for (in fact none of the men that I treat want to have) any trace that it’s been done. They don’t want to have frozen faces. They don’t want to soften all the lines. They just want to stop things a little bit and soften the lines that they’re starting to see. For men, it takes a lot more product to fully correct their faces because muscles are stronger and larger, and the lines tend to be a little bit more pronounced. If you correct it fully, it’s definitely going to give them that super smooth, too shiny, no movement look that really nobody’s looking for. It’s all about being conservative and subtle.

You can trust that I know what he’s going for. We do it all very conservatively because once you put it in the Botox it’s there for four months. My mantra is that you can always add more Botox if you need a little bit extra. Respecting the masculine face, a desirable look for a man is a squared jawline, a squared-off face with a chiseled look but not too feminine. Men don’t want cheeks that are too high or a heart-shaped face. You don’t necessarily want to uplift and things like that. Keep it moderate –  fill in the volume without going overboard. You’re creating more of a replacement instead of a lift. With Brotox, it’s best to keep things super subtle.  

Happy faces

Are most men happy with the results? Oh yeah. Men are happy with the results. They really do like it once they get it, and they’re often shocked about how big of an improvement such a little amount of product can do when placed properly. They’re super happy with it. 

Deion Sanders, the NFL Hall of Famer, came out saying, “I do Botox, and I would never not do Botox.” I think that was huge in helping people say you know what, it’s not a big deal. Once big names start normalizing these procedures, they make it that much easier to consider. 

Do you know anyone who would consider Brotox?

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