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Cheap Botox® and fillers: Four signs you should go elsewhere for your injectables

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By: Dr. Corey Hartman, Skin Wellness Dermatology

These days, you can get your Botox® and fillers just about anywhere. The salon, the dentist, the spa. Just about everyone is offering injectables, and some even claim to have the ability to offer you a “discount” price. 

Of course, cheap prices on injectables can be tempting, but just remember, when you pay for Botox or fillers, you’re not only paying for the actual product, but the experience of the injector. If the price is too low, then it’s possible neither may be any good. 

Cheap injectables and why you should think twice

Those tempted by the deals on Groupon and other places don’t often understand the risks they’re taking. But the reality is, some of these places offering discount injectables aren’t the “experts” they make themselves out to be. 

If you’re using someone who’s inexperienced, not only are you at a greater risk of infection and not getting the results you went in for, but your injector may not be properly trained on managing the complications that can, and will, happen.

Four signs that it’s time to run

A great deal on injectables like Botox may be just that; a great deal. But it could also be something more sinister. All I ask is that the next time you’re tempted by a low price on injectables, just make sure you don’t spot any of the red flags below. 

  1. The price is too low. The fact is that a really low price calls the product into question. We all know what certain injectables cost so if they’re offering it at a price that seems too good to be true, then it may not be legit. The product could be imported from another country, expired or even tainted – you just don’t know, and that can be extremely dangerous.
  2. They don’t have a focus. If the business doesn’t seem to have a focus on doing injectables then that might be your sign. Say they’re offering hormone therapy, weight loss, spray tans, and hair removal all in the same place – you may want to think twice. Injectables shouldn’t be a “side gig” or “just another way” for a business to make money.
  3. The facility doesn’t seem clean. There are obviously a multitude of reasons why cleanliness should be taken seriously – with infection being a huge one. If this doesn’t seem to be a priority for your injector, that’s a major red flag. Cleanliness and sterilization should always be top of mind.
  4. You wouldn’t want to look like your injector.  Kind of funny, but kind of true. If the person who’s trying to do your work is not someone you’d want to look like then that’s another warning sign. It could mean that they don’t have the best hand at it, or that they don’t have the eye to know what’s going to look good on each individual patient. Just because they’re good at doing over inflated lips, doesn’t mean everyone needs over inflated lips.

Bottom Line: Don’t put price over health and results

Saving some money on your injectables can be enticing, but more often than not, the risks aren’t worth the reward of saving a bit of money. Though injectables are certainly safer in the right hands, things can get downright devastating if the injector doesn’t know how to deal with the unexpected complications that do happen. 

In the end, it’s not just about the price; it’s about the safety. And in my opinion, it’s always going to be worth it to use someone who’s able to deliver on what you actually came for, which is an improvement, not looking worse, and certainly not an infection.

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