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CoolSculpting Available From Skin Wellness Dermatology

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As leading dermatologists, we must stay on the cutting edge of treatment developments to offer all the latest technology to patients. A newer option that is attracting the attention of many patients is the CoolSculpting procedure.

It’s common for people to encounter stubborn fat that refuses to budge even with a stringent diet and ongoing exercise. When this happens, many people will seek the assistance of a dermatologist for help with the fat that they just can’t lose. Many of these people aren’t interested in surgery, and they don’t want to deal with a lengthy recovery. That’s when CoolSculpting is the perfect solution.

This treatment option has been cleared by the FDA to target fat deposits. By freezing these fat cells, a dermatologist is able to target just the fat that needs to be removed. Fat freezes at temperatures that are higher than the tissue surrounding it. This means that the physician has the ability to deliver the freezing treatment to the precise areas that need it. After freezing, the fat cells die. The body then kicks in to eliminate these dead cells naturally. The end result is a beautiful contour that is amazing from any angle.

Results are easily noticeable and long lasting.

CoolSculpting is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that involves applying the device to the body to deliver the cooling. Patients may opt to snooze during the treatment, but it’s also possible to read a book or browse the Internet on a mobile device. After completion of the procedure, patients return immediately to their typical schedules with no downtime for recovery whatsoever.

We will address every problem area to develop a uniquely customized treatment plan. After initial treatments, many patients schedule additional sessions depending on their desired results. We always create a plan that fits each patient’s goals, body, and budget.

After treatment, just sit back and watch your body take over to eliminate the dead fat cells. Call us to set up an appointment for a consultation with a dermatologist today. Waiting only puts off that sculpted and toned body that you’ve always dreamed of.