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Do You Have a Damaged Earlobe?

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The earlobes are not an area that we might feel concern over injury, but there are instances when these body parts may require some sort of repair. Rather than live with an earlobe condition that makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, considering having a repair procedure in our Birmingham practice.

Various factors may affect the earlobe. One is direct injury, which is not very common. Typically, earlobes need repair due to stretching, splitting, or scarring. An earlobe piercing may become extensively stretched gradually because of heavy jewelry worn regularly, or immediately, by getting caught in clothing or a hairbrush. Should a piercing become so stretched that it is no longer possible to wear stud earrings without them falling out, a repair may be needed.

In repairing a stretched piercing, the hole is typically completely closed, rather than partially. Within a few months, the earlobe can be re-pierced. However, it is usually recommended that a new piercing be placed in tissue surrounding the original piercing, rather than through the repaired tissue.
An earlobe may require repair due to a split in tissue. As with a stretched earlobe, a split may occur over time with heavy jewelry, or in an accident that tugs on the earlobe through a piercing. Heavy earrings are often the most common culprit of a stretch-turned-split, as this heavy piece of jewelry places all of its weight on the tissue just below the piercing.

Our bodies are intricate systems that repair damaged parts to the best of their abilities. When damage occurs to tissue in any part of the body, there is a chance that scarring can occur. Every person is different, which makes it difficult to determine if scarring from any type of procedure will occur or not. In some instances, people experience extensive scarring, called a keloid, as the body’s attempt to heal a wound. A keloid looks raised, red, and bumpy. On an area as small as the earlobe, a keloid may appear very pronounced and unsightly. With precise care and techniques, the earlobe can be repaired to a more attractive state.

Feel confident in every part of your face and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about earlobe repair.