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What is Fraxel® Dual?

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Dr. Hartman and Dr. Dyck of the Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama offer a variety of Fraxel® laser treatments for Birmingham, AL patients seeking an improvement in their skin’s tone, texture, and condition. One popular treatment is that of Fraxel® Dual.

Fraxel® Dual is a laser treatment that penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin to promote collagen production. The laser device offers precise treatment that keeps surrounding skin and tissue intact without affecting them. The result is resurfaced skin that improves over time with collagen production.

Dr. Hartman and Dr. Dyck use Fraxel® Dual on patients who are seeking improvements such as:

  • Smoother, young-looking skin
  • Better texture and tone
  • Removal of brown spots and sun damaged skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and lines on the face
  • Reduction of the appearance of scars, both surgical and acne
  • Resurfacing the skin
  • Reducing melasma and actinic keratosis

The severity of the condition addressed will determine how many scheduled appointments are necessary to achieve optimum results. Most patients will benefit from approximately five sessions scheduled two to three weeks apart. It is important for patients to understand that the results are gradual, and regular appointments are necessary to maintain these results. Collagen production doesn’t happen immediately, so the improvements develop over time.

Patients find that Fraxel® Dual appointments are relatively fast and comfortable. Patients arrive at the practice, and makeup is removed and the face is fully cleansed. A topical ointment will be applied to the skin to administer proper anesthetics. The handheld device is then used over the areas of concern, and it can take approximately twenty minutes to complete after the anesthetic begins to work. Patients are then given aftercare instructions and encouraged to take good care of their skin.

If you reside in the Birmingham, AL area and are considering the benefits of Fraxel® Dual or any other laser treatment service provided by Dr. Hartman or Dr. Dyck, it’s time to contact the Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama to schedule your initial consultation appointment. This is a great time to find out if laser treatment can help in rejuvenating your skin and reducing the signs of aging.