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How Long Does It Take For Results From The Radiesse Treatment To Show?

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Facial lines and wrinkles are not only unattractive, but can make you look older than you feel. That’s why the Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama in Birmingham offers a variety of dermal fillers and cosmetic procedures to allow you to turn back the hands of time!

One popular dermal filler used in Dr. Hartman’s practice is Radiesse. Radiesse treatments offer an affordable and effective way to reduce the lines and wrinkles that can be a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Radiesse treatments are essentially volumizing fillers that are injected into your skin in order to boost collagen production and fill out bothersome lines and wrinkles. The gel formula contains calcium-based microspheres that supplement the skin’s structure, allowing collagen to grow naturally. By plumping wrinkles up with natural collagen produced by the individual’s own body, they appear less noticeable.

You can have a younger appearance in just one dermatological appointment. . The results of Radiesse treatments are immediate. As soon as Dr. Hartman injects the filler into the skin areas of concern to his patient, the improvement of the Radiesse injection can be seen. Your skin will appear smoother as the Radiesse enhances the area in which it is applied. You will be able to go back to your normal activities as soon as you leave the office, with little risk of side effects or other concerns.

The results will last approximately a year after the Radiesse treatment has been completed. Follow-up sessions can be done in order to keep that youthful appearance year after year. Radiesse treatments are not only fast and effective, but safe – Radiesse is an FDA-approved dermal filler that’s appropriate for nearly everyone who wants a younger-looking face.

Birmingham area residents can experience the benefits of Radiesse treatments by calling Dr. Hartman at the Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama in Birmingham. Schedule an appointment today to help regain your youth!