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Profound® Body: The ultimate cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment

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By: Dr. Corey Hartman, Skin Wellness Dermatology

As some of you may know, we’ve been using Profound® for a while now to tighten, volumize and create elasticity in the jowl area, and it really has been the perfect solution for anyone looking to tighten and lift the lower face and neck area.

Well, guess what. 

We’re now able to use this technology on other parts of the body, and I can promise you, you’re not the only one eager to learn more.

The details on Profound Body and the areas you’re going to want to treat

Profound Body combines radiofrequency with microneedling, just like the Profound we use to tighten the skin on the chin and neck. This breakthrough treatment is able to tighten the skin and stimulate fat reduction while also improving the appearance of cellulite.

And the best part? There aren’t any restrictions on the areas you can treat with radiofrequency so we can do this on just about any part of the body.

Some areas that we really like to use it on are the:

  • Abdomen, which is a trouble spot for a lot of people, particularly in their 30s and 40s
  • Saddlebags, or the lateral thighs on the hips
  • Backrings, or pockets of bra fat on the chest and back
  • Batwings, or the fat on the underside of the upper arms

What makes Profound different from CoolSculpting®?

Profound and CoolSculpting work in completely opposite ways. CoolSculpting freezes fat while Profound uses heat energy.

Two other huge differences:

  • CoolSculpting is a better option for large volume fat reduction, while Profound delivers energy in a more precise, targeted way.
  • Profound works best on hard fat, not the squishy fat like CoolSculpting. (Remember, the motto for CoolSculpting is, “If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it.)

Finally, the reality is that some areas are resistant to CoolSculpting so if you’ve tried it and it didn’t work, or maybe you have a hernia, then Profound is probably the better solution for you.

Profound: What’s the process and downtime look like?

With Profound, it’s a one-and-done treatment that lasts about three years.

When you come into the office, we numb you with topical numbing cream so it takes away some of the sting of the needles. Once everything is numb, an esthetician administers the treatment which allows us to get optimal levels of heat through the skin. And really, it’s completely comfortable because you’re totally numb.

The RF Microneedles go through the skin and down to the dermis and the upper levels of subcutaneous fat where it delivers the energy in a very targeted way.

There’s not really any downtime, though you’re going to have about 7-10 days where it’s a little bit swollen. There may be some bruising just because of the number of needle sticks that we have to do, but if there is, we’ll treat it with the laser before you leave.

After the treatment, you can go back to work, exercise, or anything else you need to do. Since it’s usually an area you’re already covering with clothing, it’s easily hidden, so unless you’re planning on going out in a bathing suit, it doesn’t really stop you from going on with your day as usual.

Will Profound help you achieve your forever summer body?

Profound can absolutely help patients achieve their perfect summer body. 

If you’re in the age range, in good shape, and holding onto those love handles or bra fat, then Profound is likely the spot treatment you want.

But plan accordingly, because you’ll see maximum results in three to six months. At this point, the treatment will have stimulated collagen production, improved the appearance of cellulite, and eliminated that unwanted fat.

Everything you need to get that area back to looking smooth and youthful!

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