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Saggy jowls are a bummer: learn how to get rid of them for good

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While there has long been a lack in confidence in the treatments used to tighten saggy jowls, we’re proud to be one of the only providers in the state of Alabama to offer a new innovative, nonsurgical procedure called Profound.

In the past, there have been a number of treatments that could lift the lower face and neck area; yet none of them promised the dramatic results for which patients were longing. Profound is the real deal, and because so many people hate this area that starts to sag as they get older, it really is very exciting to finally be able to provide a solution that doesn’t involve surgery.

Profound: Lifting, Volumizing and Tightening the Jowl Area

The Profound treatment uses radiofrequency to tighten, volumize and create elasticity in the skin around the jowl area by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. For patients, this means tighter and smoother skin with increased volume.    

Profound is perfect for those with:

  • Sagging jowls
  • Loose skin under the neck
  • Loose skin around the cheeks
  • Volume loss around the mouth and cheeks

Since we’re using radiofrequency, this treatment is suitable for all skin types 1-6, so for those with the fairest to the darkest skin.  

The Profound Treatment and What You Can Expect

Believe it or not, Profound is a one-time treatment that lasts up to two years. While some patients start seeing results in about two weeks, really around 3-8 months is when you’ll see maximum improvement.

Prior to the treatment, the face is cleansed, and you’ll receive local anesthesia so you’ll be completely numb before the procedure begins. The good news is, you won’t feel any pain during or after the treatment. Your dermatologist will go over the target area with the Profound device, which is made up of radiofrequency energy needles that penetrate the skin at an exact temperature and depth. The entire treatment takes about an hour and a half to complete.

After about a day, patients can go back to their normal routine, though there may be some swelling and/or bruising that can last up to a week. Most patients are able to cover this up with makeup so it’s unnoticeable.

How Profound Results Stack Up Against Other Treatments

Profound is pretty unique because it’s truly superior to the other options for treating the jowl area. While a facelift involves surgery and significant downtime, it isn’t going to volumize the area like Profound. On the other hand, fillers don’t have the ability to lift skin that’s lacking collagen and elasticity.  

It really is a breakthrough solution to saggy jowls and perfect for anyone who’s looking for a proven solution to tighten and lift the lower face and neck area.

Learn how to get rid of jowls at Skin Wellness Center of Alabama in Birmingham, AL

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