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Spring Cleaning & Scar Reduction

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What is your skin if not your body’s home? And if Spring is the perfect time of the year for cleaning, decluttering, and fixing, it is also a great season to take care of your skin health! So, let’s start by addressing those old scars that affect our self-esteem, make us more self-conscious, and cast a shadow over our natural beauty.

Whether you have been dealing with acne scars, cellulite, or old scar tissue from an old wound or incision, the experts at Skin Wellness Dermatology can help you regain skin health and confidence thanks to cutting-edge laser scar reduction treatments. Learn about what to expect from these treatments below and get your skin ready for the summer!

Getting To Know Your Scars

Whether it is a scar you got when playing as a kid or the mark of a C-section, each scar on your body is a memento of your personal history.

However, old scars don’t always add to your character, and sometimes they can even undermine your self-confidence and beauty. Indeed, recent surveys show that acne scars (32%), burns (24%), cuts (27%), and surgery scars (22%) are among the top skin insecurities for people in the US.

But what are scars? Simply, scars are the result of our body’s natural healing process. When your skin is damaged, your body triggers an emergency production of collagen, which acts by bounding skin tissue in the injured area and preventing infections.

Depending on what they look like, scars fall within different categories, including:

  • Line scars (often caused by cuts and minor injuries)
  • Hypertrophic scars (raised)
  • Keloid scars (raised scars that continue growing)
  • Contractures (burn scars)

While we all have small scars, they can become more than a minor annoyance, especially if they are highly visible or growing.

Scar Reduction Laser Treatments: What To Expect and How To Prepare

At Skin Wellness Dermatology, we understand that each scar is unique, and most of them are nothing more than a minor cosmetic flaw. However, others can cause pain, discomfort, and even affect your ability to move freely.

That is why we are committed to helping you find the best long-lasting solution for your specific needs – and laser treatments are among the most-efficient non-surgical treatment options you could opt for.

Laser scar removal treatments work by delivering pulses of light to the scarred area. Depending on the treatment, the laser will remove the outer layer of the skin or trigger the production of new collagen and skin cells, which will improve the outer layers of the skin.

Laser Scar Reduction Treatment: Results & Benefits

Laser treatments for scar reduction are a great option to reduce the visibility of unsightly scars and prepare for summer. That’s because the procedure can be performed in just 1-2 hours, is non-invasive, and involves minimal downtime.

Your skin will entirely heal from the laser treatment within 3-10 days, and the results will continue to improve over time. While laser scar reduction treatments do not entirely get rid of your scars, they have been proven to be extremely effective in reducing the visibility, size, and thickness of scars – as well as the confidence impact and discomfort that might come with them.

Spring into Action for Your Skincare this Season with Skin Wellness

Spring is a great time to do some cleaning, first around the house and then with your personal wellness. Scar reduction treatments from experienced, trained professionals–like those at Skin Wellness–can help clear your skin and boost your confidence. Look your best this season by clearing away lingering scars by giving our team a call today!