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Time to get your child Treatment? What You Need to Know About Common Childhood Skin Conditions Like Molluscum

Time to get your child Treatment? What You Need to Know About Common Childhood Skin Conditions Like Molluscum

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By Dr. Corey Hartman

When your child is dealing with a skin condition or rash, you may not be sure whether you should try to treat it at home or seek the help of a professional. But even though it may be an all too common condition, there’s definitely a point at which they’ll need to see a dermatologist.

From molluscum to acne, most parents have many questions. While often turning to their pediatrician for answers, dermatologists deal with these skin conditions on a more regular basis.

Molluscum, Acne and Eczema: 3 Common Childhood Skin Conditions

If your child is showing signs of molluscum, acne and/or eczema, here’s how I would recommend going forward with treatment:

Molluscum Contagiosum: To Treat or Not to Treat

If you’ve taken your child to the pediatrician for molluscum, you probably already know they don’t typically want to treat it. While the topical treatments used can cause changes in the skin (like blisters) that can be kind of scary to deal with; as a dermatologist, I always find it best to treat this condition.

Not only will we rid the skin of a contagious condition that you can get just by touching someone, but every time you treat it, you boost the immune system. This means your child can ward it off better on their own instead of waiting until puberty, when their immune system is built up, to prevent it from flaring up again.

Baby and Toddler Eczema and When to See a Dermatologist

From keratosis pilaris to pityriasis alba, there are a range of eczema conditions that are very prevalent among children, especially in the wintertime, and the key is to know when it’s time to see a dermatologist.

Many are going to see improvement in these common eczema conditions like keratosis pilaris by simply using a good moisturizer. But if your child’s skin is still red and itchy, or if the rash is spreading or getting infected, then it’s time to see a dermatologist to take a closer look.

From there, they’ll likely recommend using a combination of hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin, along with a mild soap and heavy moisturizer.

Eight-Year-Old Children with Acne?! It Happens!

Kids are starting puberty now at younger ages and with this early onset of hormones and oil production, we’re seeing acne in children as young as eight years old. Since acne can be emotionally distressing and impact self-esteem, especially in children. I’d say if you’re not getting any improvement from over the counter cleansers, then it’s time to take them to a dermatologist. Especially if you, the parent, have a history of acne, you’ll want to stay on top of it — the last thing you want is for scarring to take place. 

While starting with an over-the-counter product that contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is a good start, the cornerstone of an acne regimen is going to be a retinoid – and the ones that actually work are going to be prescription-only.

If your child is currently suffering from a skin condition, no matter how common it may be, it might be time to see a dermatologist who can help calm the situation or get rid of it completely. Since conditions like acne have the potential to leave behind scarring and cause emotional distress, it’s never a bad idea to seek the help of an experienced dermatologist.

Molluscum, Acne and Eczema Treatment at Skin Wellness Center of Alabama in Birmingham, AL

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