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Dozens of facial muscles are working hard each day to help us express ourselves and communicate with others. At some point in our lives, however, our skin will start to show off some of this wear and tear in the form of wrinkles and blemishes. This is nothing to be ashamed of though, and Skin Wellness Dermatology has numerous cosmetic dermatology solutions for men and women that can keep you graceful and glowing through the aging process.

One way that you’ve probably heard of to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful is with targeted botulinum injections. Botulinum toxin is known more commonly as Botox®. Xeomin and Dysport are other brands of the same product.

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Botox injection FDA–approved anti-aging treatments are ideal for addressing quite a few issues that adult patients may be experiencing as their skin ages, such as:

  • Crow’s feet lines and wrinkles
  • Frown lines and severe forehead lines
  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Platysmal bands on the neck
  • Smile lines and marionette lines (vertical lip lines)


There are over forty muscles in our face that make it possible for us to do daily activities like smiling, laughing, and chewing. But just like any other muscle, these muscles become toned over time when used consistently, and this causes wrinkles on the skin. These facial wrinkles may make you seem tired or weathered, but by applying the Botulinum toxin treatment to the muscles, you can relax them. A botulinum toxin injection inhibits the synaptic release of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter and stops the muscle contractions that cause fine lines and wrinkles. This smooths them out and allows you to regain that fresh youthful look.

To compare Juvéderm vs Sculptra vs Botox and find out which popular injectable is right for you, set up a consultation with one of our certified dermatologists. The Skin Wellness Dermatology team is ready to discuss all your cosmetic desires today!


The effects of Botox® and similar products last for months and can be repeated as needed. The most noticeable results are smoother wrinkle-free skin and a more youthful appearance — but the benefits go beneath the surface, too! Research shows that products with this botulinum toxin type can be used for other purposes such as treatment of excessive sweating, prevention of migraines, severe underarm sweating, relaxation of twitching eyes, and in patients with spastic muscles Botox injections can even be used for bladder control, cervical dystonia neck pain, lower limb spasticity, and other muscle or nerve conditions. 


Botox treatment as well as Xeomin and Dysport treatments typically take about twenty minutes to administer and require virtually no downtime. Patients can return to their usual activities immediately, though it generally takes about fourteen days before the injection is fully active. After the treatment is done, the patient may experience slight bruising, redness, or soreness at the injection site but this is easily treated with ice packs. Patients on blood thinners are at higher risk for bruising, so please make sure to disclose any prescription medicine or over-the-counter medicines you are currently taking. Other reactions are rare, but tell your doctor if you experience more severe discomfort, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, or other asthma symptoms or signs of upper respiratory tract infection.

Botox® Maintenance

The effects of Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport last for months and may be repeated as often as necessary to maintain appearances and treat frown lines. 

While Botox is considered a one-time treatment, we recommend refreshing it every three to four months on average for best results.


Treatments for removing wrinkles have become easier and more popular than ever. At Skin Wellness Dermatology, Greystone dermatologists have been able to give patients stunning results with just a few injections. This is made possible not only because of the quality of substances administered but also because of the skillful application of each injection. 

Dr. Corey Hartman, Dr. Deborah Youhn, Dr. Kathryn O. Luckett, and Dr. Rayna Dyck are Board Certified dermatologists with years of specific training and experience in treating common skin conditions, improving texture, and restoring a healthy glow. Browse our website to learn more about the general dermatology and Botox services we offer. We also share news and articles where you can learn more about different procedures.

When you receive cosmetic treatment at Skin Wellness Dermatology in Greystone, Alabama, you benefit from a high standard of care that improves your skin — and your confidence along with it! Make an appointment, or contact us today for your consultation.