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Vein Treatment in Hoover Alabama

Get Rid of Spider Veins in Hoover AL

Sclerotherapy or Injection therapy is a new procedure that is used to target varicose veins in your leg. Nobody is ecstatic about having spider veins, so The Skin Wellness Dermatology proudly serves the Hoover Alabama area with the newest and most efficient injection therapy. This therapy is performed by injecting mild chemicals into the veins. The chemicals cause the spider veins to collapse on themselves, and healthy veins absorb the collapsed veins. Then the blood is allocated to healthy veins for a healthier look.

Occasionally multiple sessions are necessary to get all of the veins. Typically a second follow up session is schedule a couple of weeks after the first session.

After the session is over, patients may be asked to wear a stocking for a few days. Aside from some minor uncomfortableness, side effects may include swelling, bruising, and itching. These effects, while annoying should only last briefly.

While there is a laser at Skin Wellness to treat veins, it is better used as an adjuvant treatment. Sclerotherapy remains the gold standard. Age revealing veins on the back of the hands can also be reduced with sclerotherapy.