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Vestavia Alabama Vein Treatment

If you have spider veins that you want to get rid of then, Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama in Vestavia, Alabama can help you. We have a procedure called Sclerotherapy or Injection therapy that we use to take care of those spider veins. The injection causes the the walls of the spider vein to become irritated and collapse. Once the vein collapses, the skin around the vein absorbs the collapse vein. Then the blood from that vein is reallocated to healthy veins to keep proper circulation.

Sometimes multiple sessions are needed. This is dependent on how many veins are being treated and whether or not the first session cleared all of the veins. Typically this second session takes a place a few weeks after the first session.

Prior to the surgery, the patient will be given a set of instructions. It is important to the success of the procedure that the instructions be adhered to prior to the therapy. Once the treatment is over, the patient may be asked to wear compression stockings for about a week. Other than the stocking that may be required, there is no additional down time. Normal activities can begin immediately once the treatment is done.

There are some side effects that come from the therapy. Side effects may include bruising, swelling and itching. Though these side effects are uncomfortable they are generally mild. Additionally, the side effects should last no more than 20-30 minutes.

If you are in Vestavia, Alabama and you are looking for a way to get rid of those unsightly spider veins then Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama can help you. Give us a call now to set up an appointment.