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The Art of the Injection: The Importance of Finding a Doctor Experienced with Dermal Fillers

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It’s true. From local dentists and spas, to dermatologists and plastic surgeons, there are, in fact, countless places around the Birmingham area that offer injectable, or dermal fillers. What’s important to remember is that just because someone offers, or is even qualified to do them, doesn’t mean they’re the best place to have them done.

Along with the proper skills and qualifications, what’s just as important is the injector’s experience. Is the person performing the injections just looking to make a quick buck in addition to the other services they offer, or do they inject dermal fillers Every. Single. Day? AND thousands of times over their lifetime?  And performed by a licensed physician? This is incredibly important, not only for safety reasons, but to also get the natural results you desire.

Before you have injectable fillers performed by just anyone, ask yourself, has this person truly mastered the art of the injection? If so, you could be avoiding some major risks like the ones below.

Looking like the Real Housewives. If the injector doesn’t know the basics, such as how much filler to use or exactly where the injection goes, you’re taking the major risk of ending up with Real Housewives results. If your injector even makes the simple mistake of using a tad too much filler, you’re likely to be left with an appearance you won’t be happy with.

Not getting the results you want. Even if you don’t end up with Real Housewives results, getting the exact look you’re trying to achieve can be difficult for an even a qualified injector. That’s exactly why you want to have them done by someone who not only has an incredible amount of experience, but by a physician who has truly mastered the art of the injection. They know how much filler to use, where to inject, and also what needs to be done to other areas of the face in order to keep the balance and symmetry. The human eye is more critical than many realize, and there’s a small window as to what can look false.

Experiencing complications. Though generally safe and complications rare, adverse events can happen. Of course, the large majority of these events occur when using an inadequately trained injector. When you use someone who’s a licensed physician and very experienced, these types of complications are easily avoidable or quickly fixed.  

Discount sites or unlicensed doctors aren’t the place to get your injectable fillers. Even if a doctor has all the necessary qualifications, that really doesn’t mean much unless they have the experience to truly understand the art of the injection. When you have them performed by someone who does, you’ll see how it can truly make all the difference in the world with your outcomes.  

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