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Clear + Brilliant Anti-Aging

Clear + Brilliant is an innovative, gentle laser treatment that can prevent early signs of aging and address those that may have already occurred. The fractional laser technology of Clear + Brilliant has been clinically proven successful in fighting the effects of aging. The laser treats millions of minuscule zones in your skin, stimulating it to replace damaged tissue with younger looking, healthy skin.

The treatment takes an average of 20 minutes, however, please allow an hour for the entire appointment. Recent studies found that four to six treatments achieve visible improvement; however, the number of treatments you require will be determined by your desired outcome. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve and maintain your goals.

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is specifically designed to be gentle and to have minimal side effects. There may be some subtle inflammation and redness immediately following treatment, but this usually resolves within a few hours, the following day at the latest. To increase your comfort, we apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment. Our team has been trained extensively in providing this treatment, and we will work to ensure optimal comfort throughout the session.
The treatment results are both progressive and immediate, and can last for months, depending on your skin condition, age, and skin care practices. You may expect results such as:

  • Naturally glowing, radiant skin
  • Visible improved skin tone
  • Rejuvenated, smooth, ultra-soft texture
  • Clear and brilliant looking skin

In most cases, Clear + Brilliant treatments can be used to complement the results of other procedures including Botox® or dermal fillers. We will discuss any past procedures you have had, as well as any future treatments you might desire before developing your treatment plan.

This gentle, safe, effective, and affordable treatment requires no downtime, so it will fit easily into your busy schedule and it can help you enjoy your younger looking skin for years to come. If you want to refresh your look and keep your skin looking radiant and more youthful, this treatment may be perfect for you. Call (205) 871-7332 and schedule an appointment with one of our medical professionals today.