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Professional Mole Removal in Birmingham and Greystone, AL

Mole Removal

Moles, medically known as nevi, typically appear as small brown spots, but they can be any one of a wide range of colors. They occur when cells, called melanocytes, grow in clusters instead of spreading out. Melanocytes cells are distributed throughout the basal cell layer of the epidermis and form melanin pigment, which gives skin its color.

Moles Are Common

Moles are extremely common skin growths, most adults have from 10 to 40 moles, and they can develop on virtually any part of the body. They may be flat or raised, and nearly color brown, black, pink, red, white, purple, blue, or flesh colored. Most moles are non-cancerous (benign), and no cause for concern. However, a mole can sometimes develop into melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

Before and After: Mole Removal

Be Alert

Moles should be checked for the ABCDEFGs of melanoma. If a mole is Asymmetrical, has an irregular Border, is varied in Color, has a Diameter larger than a #2 pencil eraser, is Evolving in color, shape or size, is very Firm, or is Growing, or is itching or bleeding, see Dr. Hartman or Dr. Dyck for an evaluation right away.

Cosmetic Concerns

Cindy Crawford has a mole, and Marilyn Monroe had one. In the Renaissance era, they were thought of as beauty enhancers, but if a mole is unsightly or bothersome, it is worth having it removed. Madonna had a mole and didn't like the way it looked, so she had it removed. Benign moles can be removed easily with minimal risk of scarring thanks to modern techniques.

Leave It To A Professional

If you have an unsightly mole, one of our dermatologists can remove it during an office visit. Some moles require two visits. Never try to remove a mole at home; it should be done by a dermatologist. If it contains cancer cells, they could spread, and even if it is benign, you could cause an infection, scar, or disfigurement. There are even creams that claim to remove moles, sometimes they work, but they can remove more than the mole because they essentially burn a hole in your skin. In addition, you might miss the early warning signs of cancer. No matter what your skin concerns may be, our dermatologists have a safe, effective solution. Don't take chances with your skin; turn to the medical professionals at Skin Wellness Dermatology.