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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin lesions do not have to be malignant to be concerning. If you have a skin tag, cyst, or other lesion that is causing you distress, the medical professionals at Skin Wellness Dermatology can help you with the appropriate method of removal. Our patients are treated with plans tailored to fit their specific needs. In some situations, the surgical excision of skin lesions will be recommended.

To remove a problematic skin lesion, your board certified dermatologist begins making an outline of the treatment area with a skin-appropriate pen. A small amount of healthy skin is typically included within the margins of a treatment area. This is done to ensure that all affected tissue is removed. In cancerous lesions, it is difficult to visualize the extent of cancer cells. Taking a bit of normal-appearing skin is a way of obtaining predictable results.

Surgical excision is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. Following an injection of numbing medication, there should be no sensations of pain throughout the procedure, in which a precise incision is made around the lesion. Our incisions are made in such a way as to facilitate a flat surface for sutures, minimizing the risk of scarring. Most surgical excisions are completed within about thirty minutes.

Healing after surgical excision

One of the main concerns of excision is scarring. Various factors affect the degree of scarring that may take place, such as the part of the body treated. On the day of treatment, one of our medical professionals will discuss how to care for the treated skin, facilitating optimal healing and minimal scarring. Following surgical excision, the area will heal over a period of a few weeks. In about two weeks, a thin white scar is usually seen.

We understand that surgical excision may be a treatment that poses concern. Our physicians and medical staff have received extensive training in the removal of skin lesions, and have many years of experience treating various skin conditions. The care you receive at Skin Wellness Dermatology is designed to elevate the health and beauty of your skin. There are several advantages to surgical excision, including a high cure rate for skin cancer.

We are in the business of caring for your skin. Contact us today for your visit with one of our medical skin care professionals.