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Vein Treatments Chelsea

Many people are often looking for a way to improve themselves. What better self care is there than getting rid of spider veins in your leg? There is now a procedure that can be done to get rid of those spider veins called Sclerotherapy, or injection therapy. This therapy is done by injecting mild chemicals into the veins. This causes the walls of vein to become irritated and collapse. From there, the skin absorb to vein and reallocated the blood to healthy veins to keep proper circulation.

Every now and then, a touch up would be needed to clean of the vessels and get any that were left over from the first session. This second session typically happens a few weeks after the first session. Multiple injections are necessary so there could be multiple sessions to complete the treatment.

Following all the instructions prior to the treatment will help to ensure that the treatment is successful. Once the treatment is over, the patient could be asked to wear compression stocking for about a week. Aside from the stockings, normal activities can begin immediately after the treatment.

Some of the side effects that follow the treatment include bruising, swelling, and itching. These effects can be a pain, and they are undoubtedly uncomfortable. They are only temporary though; the discomfort should only last for 20-30 minutes.

While there is a laser at Skin Wellness to treat veins, it is better used as an adjuvant treatment. Sclerotherapy remains the gold standard. Age revealing veins on the back of the hands can also be reduced with sclerotherapy.