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Rejuvenate Your Face: Try These Popular Skin Tightening Treatments

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By: Dr. Corey Hartman, Skin Wellness Dermatology

The human face is the most human thing about us. Humans have been designed to recognize countless facial features and to associate those features with the person in question. But time plays tricks on us all. Sun exposure and the consequences of natural aging create fine wrinkles, loose skin along the chin and jaw, bags beneath our eyes, and a host of other issues.

There is good news, however. For nearly every wrinkle and pinch of loose skin, an option exists for rejuvenating your face and achieving a more robust, youthful appearance! You can find each of these magnificent procedures available at Skin Wellness Dermatology!

Aesthetic Dermatology Options

Our professional aestheticians recommend the following skin tightening facial procedures.

Chemical Peels

Already famous for handling sun spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars, chemical peels have a little-talked-about, hidden benefit: they can tighten your skin. Chemical peels can achieve remarkable results by using different chemical strengths to reach different skin depths. Old or damaged skin falls away and is replaced by new skin, complete with newly produced collagen.

Chemical peels encourage the natural production of collagen, which further tightens your facial skin! Best of all, chemical peels are quick, easy, and require minimal downtime.

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young procedures utilize BroadBand light to change the expressions of genes associated with aging. Through innovative, light therapy technology, BBL produces changes in skin tone, texture, pigmentation, and (most importantly) elasticity.  BBL procedures affect skin at the molecular level and can be used for other areas of the body too!

Cosmetic Dermatology Options

Cosmetic dermatology provides nearly too many options to list! But these are among the most popular.

Biostimulatory Fillers

Facial fillers come in all shapes, sizes, uses, and chemical makeups. Biostimulatory fillers (such as Radiesse and Sculptra) are already famous for providing short-term facial plumping. Still, their primary purpose is to encourage the natural production of collagen in the skin. Biostimulatory fillers lead to longer-lasting results than their hyaluronic acid counterparts, contributing to a more regular, lifted facial appearance!


The presence of a double chin plagues so many Americans that an injectable treatment exists solely to tackle the stubborn fat along beneath our jawlines. Kybella works by gradually dissolving submental fat—the type of fat responsible for our double chin in the first place, and that’s typically resistant to exercise and weight loss.

Since Kybella works gradually, it also creates a contraction of the skin, leaving our faces leaner and more chiseled without remaining loose skin!

Laser Dermatology Options

Laser technology has opened countless doors for the skin wellness industry. These are some of the most popular skin tightening options.

CO2 Lasers

By combining carbon dioxide (CO2) with ablative laser technology, this procedure is more than capable of precisely removing thin layers of damaged or wrinkled skin. In addition to treating deep wrinkles, benign and malignant skin conditions, scars, and warts, CO2 laser treatments can also tighten the most sensitive skin on the face, including the upper and lower eyelids.

Exilis Skin Tightening

The FDA has cleared radio frequency Exilis treatments as a premier thermal energy solution to sagging or damaged skin. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure improves skin texture and complexion by heating the skin at a certain depth to affect collagen production at the structural level. Skin smooths and tightens after even just one Exilis session!

Options Abound

These treatments are only a small sampling of the skin-tightening options available at Skin Wellness Dermatology! Other procedures like RF microneedling, photodynamic therapy, hydrafacials, CoolSculpting, and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments can also encourage collagen production, repair damaged skin, and achieve a tighter, more youthful facial appearance alongside numerous other benefits!

To explore your options or discover which option suits you best, call Skin Wellness Dermatology today! A whole world of minimally- and non-invasive procedures awaits, many of which can be completed on your average lunch break!

Start your rejuvenating journey with Skin Wellness Dermatology today!

Our faces say a lot about us, but time and sun damage leaves no face alone. You don’t have to age in the skin you’re in. With so many quick, simple, painless, and affordable facial tightening options on the market today, you’re bound to find what works best for you at Skin Wellness Dermatology of Alabama! Schedule a consultation or call us for more detailed explanations of these procedures at 205-871-7332.