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Three HUGE differences between Botox and fillers

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By: Dr. Corey Hartman, Skin Wellness Dermatology

Many times, patients come into my office more than ready to do something about the signs of aging they’re starting to see in the mirror. They’ve seen the commercials and even had friends tell them about their latest Botox® treatment, or the fillers they just got from their favorite dermatologist. 

While many patients know that Botox or fillers may likely be the effective treatment they’re looking for, they don’t always understand the real differences between the two. 

That’s why I want to lay it out as plain and simple as I can. No jargon, just straight-forward facts that’ll help you truly understand the differences between Botox and fillers. 

Botox vs fillers: Three major differences

#1 Why Botox and fillers are used. 

The first major difference between Botox and fillers is why they’re used. Botox is used as a muscle relaxer that helps control the activity of the muscle that’s contributing to lines in the skin. 

On the other hand, filler is used to add volume in the areas of the skin that have sunken in. Where you see those valleys or creases in the skin is where the filler is really going to correct and give a more plump look.

#2 Where Botox and fillers used.

Typically, Botox is used on the upper face while filler is used on the lower face. This is because you don’t want to use Botox in an area where it’s going to restrict the movement of muscles that you need to do things like speak, chew, or control drooling. 

Of course, this is more of a general rule, because as dermatologists, we do things off-label all the time. Depending on what the patient desires, many are going to require a more customized treatment. If you’re losing volume as a result of muscle movement, it might be necessary to combine treatments in certain areas. 

Take the lips for example. I like to put a little filler in the lips and then just a tiny amount of Botox. The filler is going to fill in the lines around the mouth that have already been there, but then the Botox is going to stop the muscle movement that’s driving those lines deeper.

#3 How often Botox and fillers used. 

Botox is going to be done more frequently because it wears off about every four months, but the fillers we use today are going to last much longer. 

It depends on the area we’re treating and the desired result, but generally, fillers are going to last 8-18 months, so a good rule of thumb is to do them about once a year. 

Again, let’s take the lips for example. Filler in the lips isn’t going to last as long as it would in other areas since you’re constantly moving them, which is going to make the filler break down more quickly.

There are some other fillers like Sculptra, which is a biostimulatory filler that doesn’t add volume but stimulates collagen to build on its own, and these treatments can last for two years. 

Want more details on Botox vs fillers?

While the differences listed above are pretty general, it’s a great start to really understanding the differences in why, where, and how often they’re used. And as I’ve mentioned, the two are truly the gold standard when it comes to bringing about a more youthful look to the face. 

Despite their differences, the two can very well work together in perfect harmony to give you incredible results. All you need is the right dermatologist who can create a treatment that’s 100% customized to you.

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