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Stretch Mark Reduction

Our Fraxel® Dual system gives patients an advantage when correcting skin conditions such as stretch marks and scarring. This device combines the 1550nm laser of the Fraxel® restore with 1927nm laser. This combination of wavelengths leads to a number of benefits, including:

  • Fewer treatment sessions to accomplish optimal results.
  • Faster treatment sessions without affecting results.
  • Greater comfort through the integration of the Zimmer Cooling Device, which delivers cold air to the skin throughout treatment.

The addition of the 1927nm wavelength in the Fraxel® DUAL has cut the need for topical anesthesia for many, although we are committed to total patient comfort, and will use numbing medication whenever needed. The DUAL is safe for all skin types, and effective at the elimination of not only stretch marks, but also sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Only partially ablative, the Fraxel® DUAL offers a quick recovery period.

The science behind stretch marks

Our skin is susceptible to a number of factors, with stretch marks a risk at any age. These marks appear when growth has occurred more quickly than skin can handle. Stretch marks are commonly associated with pregnancy, although they may also occur with weight gain or growth spurts. When skin has been stretched beyond its capacity, damage occurs to the supporting tissues, leaving behind clear, pink, or white markings.

Fraxel® DUAL resurfacing promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, filled with the right amounts of collagen. Collagen is a substance essential for skin repair. When treated with fractional laser, skin within and around stretch marks heals to a healthier, smoother state.

Fractional resurfacing is a treatment that affects only a portion of the skin, typically between 20 and 35 percent of the treatment area. This skin receives microthermal zones, tiny columns of tissue that are heated by laser energy. Treating only small areas of the skin leads to decreased recovery time, while achieving maximum results. In fact, this approach allows us to treat deeper layers of the skin with great safety. Different from ablative resurfacing, which vaporizes tissue, Fraxel® DUAL non-ablative resurfacing causes minimal 'damage' which the body naturally heals with healthy, vibrant skin cells.

Stretch marks may occur for several reasons, but they do not have to create embarrassment for you. Contact Skin Wellness Dermatology to discover freedom from stretch marks and other skin concerns with Fraxel® DUAL laser resurfacing.